Russia is a huge country integrating vast areas and different peoples, unique in their cultural traditions and at the same time consolidated into one big nation by their common historical fate.  The role of the national language in the process of such consolidation is great as it performs the function of a strong bond of our society.  

The Russian world constitutes a considerable part of the global world which is contradictory and fragile facing challenges to its destruction by people’s passion and lust. Hence, to beat the challenge and survive we ought to communicate with each other and become friends. But we speak different languages and the risk of misunderstanding is great if we transfer the trust of understanding to others… The way out of the situation seems to be found if we started learning the language by ouselves. There exist many methods and respected schools but we dare to offer our own approach based on ideas of different world famous and .

            A very long teaching experience gave us a chance to analyze the weak points in most popular methods of learning a foreign language. In our opinion they lie in ignorance of mental generative processes in the didactic structure of most language courses focused on imitating “speaking” activities as recalling of what students have learnt by heart.  But nature of speaking a language involves not only processes of “recalling” but  “mental generative constructing” the utterance as well. Implementation of “mental generative constructing” into didactic structure of our language courses has taken the whole process of learning a language to a deeper level of “generating mental structures”,  thus forming the basis for improvement  students’ practical speech skills  …

The innovations we mentioned above proved their efficiency in our English and German courses for Russian learners. The course of Russian for English speaking learners

is experimental.  We plan to add new lessons as quick as possible if we see that our subscribers are eager to continue learning. So to speed up our work, just write us using

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